2. Let me know if you know any NYC film school grads as we may have discount codes for them! We have limited seating!

  3. Competition to see which booth mimics the Guns N’ Roses picture better. #Canter’s

  4. #tbt when I was internet famous for half a day lol

  5. writeforhollywood:

    The #iWriteForHollywood Contest on Instagram has begun!!

    Create a video 15 seconds or less on Instagram video, upload it to your personal account between August 16th, 2013 – August 31st, 2013 with the hashtag #iWriteForHollywood and you are entered for a chance to win 1 hour Private Script Coaching and Final Draft software!

    The top 7 videos with the most ‘likes’ along with 3 ‘wildcard’ entries will be selected for the top 10 contenders for the winning prize.  The winner will be chosen based on aesthetic value and how it creatively fulfills the theme, “Why #iWriteForHollywood”.

    It’s that easy!  Enter as often as you like.

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  6. oceans-beyond:

    oceans beyond

    (via oceans-beyond)

  7. writeforhollywood:

    Feeling Better About Your Screenwriting!

    Read it here—> www.writeforhollywood.com/feeling-better-about-your-screenwriting/

    It is a good way to measure our own progress and how far we have to go to measure up to Hollywood standards, but we’re also not always the best judge of our own work.

    Do you feel like you are overly critical about your work?

    Do you have someone that helps you with feedback and advice?


  8. Interesting article on the future of films


  9. Two churches located across the street from each other. At least the Catholics have a sense of humor.

  10. hitrecord:


    Round 2 of our TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS was particularly bloody - and now the following 4 Contenders will duke it out in the Semi-Finals:

    wirrow vs. Kubi

    KamPAIGN vs. CaptClare


    The Contenders have until Sunday Aug. 4th to make new :20 videos decimating their opponents!


    Come work with us!